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1. Fresh Of The Boat
2. variation of WOP, without papers
Origins can be tracked back to Ellis Island with the huge influx of immagrants flooding into the United States in the late 1800's.
The workers on Ellis Island coined the term when immagrants who spoke no English nor had and sense of "Americanism" arrived. Used in a derrogatory sense.
Later FOB became popular in the 50's on remote vacation destinations (Hawaii etc..) and still later in California with the huge rush of Vietnamese immagrants in the late 70's and 80's.
Hey John, that new kid Phoeng is such a FOB - did you see what he's wearing...(insert cruel 9 year old laugh)
by Bud E Love May 06, 2003
96 94
fresh off the boat; especially asian people, e.g. chinese, vietnamese, koreans, etc.
Lyla is such a fob she brings chopsticks to school and wears fobby clothing.
by gayshovik September 20, 2012
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short for the band Fall Out Boy
I met FOB last week!
by dfgshjkldfuhyg February 22, 2009
16 15
Fresh off the boat.

When used for Koreans, fresh off the be-hang-gee (plane).
Listen to that f.o.b talking.
by Jashey poo December 02, 2005
29 28
Father of the Bride
The FOB speech is one of the most important wedding speeches.
by GoDressUp June 10, 2013
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As well as Fresh Off The Boat, it is used to describe people that can't speak/write proper English (usually as a joke)
"You're such a fob, you can't even spell this properly"!
by Amam February 06, 2012
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Fall Out Boy
girl: my favourite band is FOB!
girl 2: FOB?
gilr: Fall Out Boy, duh
by yomanidefk June 09, 2013
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