A Forward Operating Base. Any secured forward military position that is used to support tactical operations. A FOB may or may not contain an airfield, hospital, or other facilities. The base may be used for an extended period of time. FOBs are traditionally supported by main operating bases that are required to provide backup support to them. A FOB also reduces reaction time and increases time on task to forces operating from it.
FOB Dagger is currently based in Tikrit, Iraq.
by Foxjohn December 20, 2010
short for the band Fall Out Boy
I met FOB last week!
by dfgshjkldfuhyg February 22, 2009
fresh off the boat
Coong Phi is a fob.
by 69lam August 06, 2009
Fall Out Boy
girl: my favourite band is FOB!
girl 2: FOB?
gilr: Fall Out Boy, duh
by yomanidefk June 09, 2013
fresh off the boat; especially asian people, e.g. chinese, vietnamese, koreans, etc.
Lyla is such a fob she brings chopsticks to school and wears fobby clothing.
by gayshovik September 20, 2012
The electronic device that comes attached to most new car keys which locks and unlocks the doors from a distance.
My old-ass car has electric locks, but no key fobs.
by toad in the road January 24, 2010
noun. Abbreviation: Fresh of the Boat. Pronounced "Fahb". A person, most often of Asian descent, so new to the country that they don't understand much of Western culture and customs. Usually indicates weak command of the English language as well.
We met some hot Japanese fobs in Arcadia the other day.
That girl's nice, but she's too much of a fob for me.
by Scott AH May 21, 2008

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