1. (n): A keychain, often allowing for the attachment of an item.

2. (v): Furtive, clandestine masturbation.
Stu briefly slipped off into the bushed to fob.
by Bob "the Slob" Jackson December 15, 2010
Fun On Boats
Guy 1 "hey man what were you doin last night?"
Guy 2"i was havin Fob"
by 444AURE April 22, 2010
Acronym for the band Fall Out Boy. Someone said only posers use this acronym and that is a load of bull. I've been a FOB fan for years, before they were popular, and I still am now they are hotstuff; if you are going to regularly talk about them, why not use the shortened form? It should be quite obvious you aren't talking about people 'fresh off the boat' from the context. Besides, until today I was not even aware that this acronym was used for fresh off the boat, that sort of phrase isn't in my everyday language.

Random person "I love the video for 16 Candles - FOB rock!"

Random person "My favourite FOB song is Pretty in Punk."
by anonno September 07, 2007
"Fresh off the boat" someone who acts, or speaks in a manner of a foreign country, or culture; esp.: someone with an accent

fobbish - the broken english spoken by fobs
1. Damn, what's that fob think he's doin'?
2. Dude, I can't even understand that fob
3. Listen to the fob speak, it's hilarious.

Fobbish - I can't understand what he's saying, must be speaking fobbish
by teen January 21, 2003
fundamentally outstanding friend
Many people consider Raju as a fob.
by Prabhsharan March 09, 2011
FOB (fair oaks bandits) an up an coming group in fair oaks california three thug ass teenagers who go by Frankie Octavio and Barry (hence FOB) they will break ur window smash ur mailbox and tag up some buildings cops have been hot on there trail but they overcome and run the streets recruiting people but stick to the main three all un-related but live like blood brothers they are a forced to be reckoned with, men hide there women and children behind locked doors and windows..barry is the girl getter octavio is enforcer and frankie is the brains behind the operation.
"store owner"- who broke our window and tagged our store?
"local man" FOB since 2006 they run this
"store owner"-what do we do?
"local man"- there is nothin to do they run this shit.
by T-Cor December 22, 2009
Well in Australia, mainly Queensland, Fob means Fresh of the Boat and usually refers to Islanders, like Kiwis(New Zealanders)mainly any from the Polynesion Triangle...
It was originally used as a derogotry term like Abo.
Girl1: Hey, you gonna hang wiv the fobs today at lunch?
Girl2: Nah man, I'm sick of those fob them airforces though...
by Lil.Tee September 11, 2008

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