Not fat but by no means necessary skinny
My best friend hates being called fat so we use the term fluffy
by Urbandictionaryhero January 02, 2012
1. Used to describe a scene in a fanfiction that could be considered an 'awww' moment.
2. An overused name for cats with a lot of soft fur.
1. When the author told me that the chapter was going to be fluffy, I grabbed a box of tissues, because I knew I was going to cry.
2. In the Rugrats, Angelina has a cat named Fluffy.
by Dudette March 23, 2005
any animal with fur
come here fluffy!
by meatshafter March 03, 2015
A female young adult who seeks to achieve high social status by dressing to visually please the teenage male population. Fluffies feed their egocentric personalities from their many social media postings of themselves in order to receive self-assurance from the compliments of other fluffies.
"Why is that girl always posting selfies?"

"Oh, she's a fluffy."
by LittleMissMaple March 20, 2014
Another name for a fat person
Steve: Hey John your fat

John: Fuck you im fluffy
by Jordan Fuller March 06, 2008
large or chunky people or animals
That girl isn't fat, she's fluffy!
by angelikeyez723 October 22, 2010
"FLUFFY" can be also defined as "Awesome, amazing, fuckin' brilliant, rocks your socks, etc.
So fluffy I'm gonna die!!" or "Cute & Fluffy
by Sanguinus August 11, 2010

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