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Fluffy, is a type of a very slutty cat that spends most its days sleeping on-top of printers and whoreing herself off. These types of cats are very endangered, due to their retardedness.
Guy1: Dude my cat is always all over my friends
Guy2: Really?
Guy1: Yea, they even throw her across the room but she always comes back
Guy2: You must have a Fluffy
Guy1: Fuck
Blake: Wait, what movie?
by James Darkness July 06, 2009
another name for a fart
Julie made a smelly fluffy
by Fluffyqueen December 19, 2010
to pass gas, to fart, flatulence.
Everyone hold your breath, Scott just went fluffy.
by bafervaf September 09, 2010
A fetish where a person likes to have sex in cartoony animal costumes.
From Entourage Season Four:

As Drama and Turtle picked up a pink bunny costume after meeting a chick on Craigslist to win a bet for Turtle to have uncommitted sex before the end of the day.

Drama: Damn dude she's a fluffy.
Turtle: You mean she wants me to wear this thing ...
Drama: Fluffies need love too ...
by JV312 July 17, 2010
a member of the pansy scaredy-cat society
That fluffy guy was afraid to go out in the heat.
by Chazoo June 05, 2010
adj. A word used to describe high-quality LSD (acid).
Man, that was some FLUFFY L, I'm tripping balls right now.
by danc1005 September 14, 2009
A hot guy or girl
That boy in the red shirt is so fluffy.
by Dhyana September 24, 2008