Something very special, important, or happiness-inducing.
"omigod baby, my new foamer is so fluffy!" "How are you? I'm pretty fluffy"
by jjlefty July 16, 2008
to pass gas, to fart, flatulence.
Everyone hold your breath, Scott just went fluffy.
by bafervaf September 09, 2010
a popular name for a dog
my dog is called fluffy
by antilife October 17, 2009
the most attractive of all farts
ang : sorry , it was a fluffy ..

liza : oh , it's all good .
by BALLSMCNEAL April 28, 2011
Used to reference your wife, girlfriend(s), or any other woman's vagina in a sexual manner or during fantasy role playing in the act of foreplay.
Is daddy touching your FLUFFY ??
by Bad Daddy xxx October 09, 2010
Being abnoxously weird or gay.
"dude, A-Prod just called me fluffy! what's that even supposed to mean?!"

"hahaha wow, that sucks fluffy!
by A-Prod September 01, 2010
A fetish where a person likes to have sex in cartoony animal costumes.
From Entourage Season Four:

As Drama and Turtle picked up a pink bunny costume after meeting a chick on Craigslist to win a bet for Turtle to have uncommitted sex before the end of the day.

Drama: Damn dude she's a fluffy.
Turtle: You mean she wants me to wear this thing ...
Drama: Fluffies need love too ...
by JV312 July 17, 2010

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