A qualifier used to describe the degree to which an infant's diaper is or is not soiled.
Mom: Is Binky fluffy?

Dad: Oh yeah, Binky is lookin' real fluffy.
by mistere23 November 29, 2013
people who are really fat and are too much of a douch or a bitch to admit that there fat.
Dude she is so fat." "Yea but she always says she's not fat just fluffy" "That's cause she's too much of a bitch to admit she's fat.
by Beanscat October 19, 2010
fluffy-adjective1unusually overweight2morbidly obese3fat as hell

Synonymous with "fat ass"
"Honey, do I look fat in this dress?"

"Naw, naw.......you look fluffy than a muthufucka though."
by Tenszi007 March 06, 2009
a nicer word to called someone fat.
Gabriel Iglesias:\"I made da mistake to called myself fat around my mom once and she said...\"
MOM:\"You\'re not fat, you\'re just fluffy. There\'s 5 levels of fatness honey, there\'s BIG, there\'s HEALTHY, there\'s HUSKEY, there\'s FLUFFY, and there\'s.... DYYYYYUUM !\"

From Gabriel Iglesias skit...
by LoKa April 26, 2005
a popular name for a dog
my dog is called fluffy
by antilife October 17, 2009
Something very special, important, or happiness-inducing.
"omigod baby, my new foamer is so fluffy!" "How are you? I'm pretty fluffy"
by jjlefty July 16, 2008
One of those short and sweet words that, although sound endearing (or confusing), is actually insulting.
Bob - Go choke on a needle while eating out a porcupine!
Jack - Fluffy...
Bob - What the FUCK was that?! You're making no sense.
Jack - Funny Looking Ugly Fucker Fuck You.
Bob - ...Go shag a cactus.
by Maximus Erectus December 26, 2013

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