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self portrait of yourself usually by teen girls
holds disposable camera to oneself, "SELFY!!!" to get the attention of your portrait-mate
by wa143aaaaah April 22, 2005
An act usally carried out by girls aged 12-21, the act involves taking photos of ones self while posing. If the act is carried out by a man, he is usally seen as being gay.
Example 1: Yo man, I seen you put selfies up on facebook... You gay cunt!

Example 2: Hey man, I was doing some facebook stalking today, found the hottest girl, check out her selfies.
by bobwilllong July 15, 2012
A) a person taking a picture of themselves at arms length, or B) a person in a picture by themselves
Hey, can you take a picture of me? I want to add some new selfies to my instagram
by tra_lalaaa August 30, 2013
pictures taken of oneself while holding the camera at arms length. also known as being camera raped, where one person takes many pictures of themself on anothers camera
dude, margaret raped my camera last night she took so many selfies!
by mrmong December 13, 2010
A photo of one's self usually taken in the mirror and most commonly taken by someone by the name of Morry. At no point did you ever request this photo and shirtless is a guarantee.
"Look Morry sent me something"..."Its gotta be a fresh selfy"
by #truestory November 05, 2012
To use ones own reflection as a masturbatory aide.

A narcissistic act of self-abuse.
"I was so angry with the world I went home and had a selfy."
by Mr Weaven February 19, 2010
To beershower ones self; usually in celebratory fashion.
After a great win, The Dream & Company all gave themselves selfy(s) to celebrate.
by The Dream ORA October 02, 2011
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