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to be able to rap and make something up on the spot
he can't flow it's all rehersted
by Eltapatio January 19, 2005
a type of hair, were the back "flow" down the neck

similar to a mullet, but is all the same length.
Excuse me... Flow?!?!
by Jimmy Crack Horn January 22, 2004
n. A rapper's ability to rhyme to phat beats in a skillful manner

see KRS-One
KRS-One is # 1
by Anonymous July 17, 2003
to have wavey or flippy hair that comes out of your helmet in lacrosse.
brendan fitzgerald, jay walsh, and jb marston all have flow man
by winstonworth8 June 04, 2009
to menstruate, to have menstrual bleeding
It seems she just started to flow a minute ago.
by The Return of Light Joker September 04, 2008
Somebody you just fuck with for sex. No strings attached.
Yo I'ma go see my flow tonight, I need some cutty!
by Yoyo4Dolo July 22, 2008
Flow used as a verb describes the action of making love in a gentle way, trying to please a girl as good as possible and putting ones own needs in second place. Originally consisting of the two words 'to fuck slowly', but as sounding too thugish it was combined to 'to flow'. Pretty popular 'round Staten Island.
First man: - Dude, I totally flowed Shaniqua's booty last night.
Second man: - Gimme a fucking break! Ya can't act like a pussy while pleasing one, ya shlong. Ya ain't keepin' it real, bro!
by erhard.krebs October 15, 2007