Flow defines, something that is very cool or something that is very un-cool.
flow is a word that signifies how you are feeling, it could mean happy,joyfull,excited,tepremental,angry and much more. Flow mean is like a way of life, it can mean any emotion or feeling.
-That outfit is so flow


-your being pretty un-flow

- your the most flow person i have ever met.
by Kyle Cyrus March 21, 2009
A boy or girl (though most often boy) whom you do sexual things to or who you lust after.
My flow Rodney be hittin' the spot right gurl.
by sososweet203 December 02, 2006
A male player of a "preppy" sport, such as lacrosse, tennis, rows crew, or, in some cases, hockey. Said person usually has lots of long, seemingly perfect hair that flows out of the hat or helmet. When not covered, they tend to do hair flips. Not to be confused with bro. Also, tend to have great biceps, pecs, abs, and asses that get them lots of girls.
Girl-"Look at that guy's hair. He's got some flow.
Girl 2-"Yeah, i saw him playing tennis."
by flowbrow December 31, 2011
someone u mess around wit

the girl or boy u makeout wit ot have sex wit whenever
boy: yo wat u doin 2 night
Boy2: i'm going ova 2 1 of mii flow's house stacy
boy: ok mii boy be getting it in
by sassy chic August 17, 2009
A very known word in the rap song "Nigga" by Ahmad Rifai And Peter Maliha. It does not mean anything. It's a word they just came up with in school. They were in grade 8, section A, year 2008 when they came up with it. The song originally consisted this phrase: "I got my niggas on the door and my bithces on the floor" composed by Peter Maliha. But Ahmad Turned it into flows and other nonsence words like ows, tows, gows.....
-Yo wassup nigga?
-Flows i good, how bout u?
-Ows not bad...
by Nigga Yo April 11, 2009
game, skills,macking ability, the ability to pick up the ladies.
he got flow wit al these ladies
by tommy mac October 09, 2004
A slang term for money.
wheres the flow bro?
by ajsamson December 12, 2010

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