1. a rap freestyle, done on the spot
2. to be able to rap very skillfully
1. you think you're good ? flow me somethin now.
2. d'you check the new guy's flows ?
by TFS February 19, 2005
to be able to rap and make something up on the spot
he can't flow it's all rehersted
by Eltapatio January 19, 2005
a type of hair, were the back "flow" down the neck

similar to a mullet, but is all the same length.
Excuse me... Flow?!?!
by Jimmy Crack Horn January 22, 2004
The style, personality, and belief of an idivudual.
David - "did you listen to drakes new album"
Jae - "yeah his flow is sick, he never runs out of ideas to rap about"

David - "are you sure? cause to me he's always talking about females "

both laugh histericlly

Jae - "didn't think of that"
by PB & Jae June 15, 2010
Hair that comes out the back of a lax players helmet. It is a necessity for any player who wishes to go anywhere in lacrosse and many believe it is in fact 90% of the game. If you wish to be a stud, you gotta have the flow.
Hey man that stud has some sick flow.
by lax_broski June 16, 2009
it is your mess around
MAN A:yo son you seen how good crystal look?
MAN B: Yea man thats my flow...i hit it this morning.
by LENNROKK June 04, 2009
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