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it is your mess around
MAN A:yo son you seen how good crystal look?
MAN B: Yea man thats my flow...i hit it this morning.
by LENNROKK June 04, 2009
An awesome J-rock band.
FLOW did Naruto's 4th intro.
by PantsHat June 01, 2006
a word taken by boricuas from americans to define their word style in their kind of puerto rican rap aka reggaeton.
it also means electric power in your body while you dance..
yo, dawg, he has an awsome flow..
yeah, your right, he does..
by ghde September 20, 2005
another word for money or dough
dude, we need lottsa flow for a car

bring some flow for tha date so we don't have to pay for you
by Alex September 16, 2004
basically a synonym for "hair" and usually used to describe someones nice hair but sometimes used to describe bad flow.
Ben: Sick Flow!
Jack: Thanks!

Jack: Wow Judys got some nice flow
Nick: I know, check out that flow

Jack: Sorry Ben.. It's just not flowin today
Ben: Oh..

Judy: Check out that flow!

Ben: It's his flow
by deliBoy June 16, 2010
yo dawg link me some flow
by royalswagga9 June 03, 2010
Hair that comes out the back of a lax players helmet. It is a necessity for any player who wishes to go anywhere in lacrosse and many believe it is in fact 90% of the game. If you wish to be a stud, you gotta have the flow.
Hey man that stud has some sick flow.
by lax_broski June 16, 2009