Flow used as a verb describes the action of making love in a gentle way, trying to please a girl as good as possible and putting ones own needs in second place. Originally consisting of the two words 'to fuck slowly', but as sounding too thugish it was combined to 'to flow'. Pretty popular 'round Staten Island.
First man: - Dude, I totally flowed Shaniqua's booty last night.
Second man: - Gimme a fucking break! Ya can't act like a pussy while pleasing one, ya shlong. Ya ain't keepin' it real, bro!
by erhard.krebs October 15, 2007
flow is a rapper's ability to rap constantly and without taking pauses. some examples of no flow-chingy and 50 cent

slow and fast flow are actually equally hard to create. for fast, look at outkast, chamillionaire. for fast, maybe biggie and pac.
50 cent got no flow because he sucks
by bringdaruckus16 April 16, 2006
bleeding of a woman's vagina during her period.
i can't help it if i have a heavy flow and a wide-set vagina.
by signor pigness November 12, 2004
flow is something that can go continuesly. it can be in differents ways.

cash flow:the money coming into a business or something else profitable.
music flow. spit bars without pause or chorus. that can involve a freestyle

canibus flow is better than eminem because his flow last longer. or he can spit quicker than a calculation can make a division

people flow: hey come on lets go to that club. eva you been there before? no but just follow my flow.

dancefloor/flow: i had a good time last nite that gal could follow my flow easily.
by pedro-londres July 26, 2006
the usual way of doing things
"Stop man, you're messin um my flow"
by shane March 22, 2005
Vaginal fluid that is ejected after an orgasm.
Damn! Look at that woman's flow!

That flow could fill a milk jug.
by karl December 31, 2003
The word "floor" in a ghetto kid's language.
A, dog, you see dat? she hit da flow! chill yo set.
by MC Willa February 16, 2008

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