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When a female gets her period.
Not tonight honey, I'm flowing.

Cousin "Flow" came to visit.
by Pj Clarence May 02, 2006
A state of mind reached while dancing. Can be applied to any form of dance art, but is primarily used to describe freestylers "flowing" with the music. In this state of mind, it seems like the music is telling your body what to do, and you just go with it. While emotionally in this state all worries, fears, insecurities seem to melt away, reality fades as it becomes just you and the music. Physically, one feels as though they can keep on dancing, and their movements are natural and without thought. These two states combine as one to describe the state of flowing. Flowing can be reached sober or under the influence of a substance, and in this state NOBODY IS A BAD DANCER, regardless of skill level as the main point of flowing is feeling the music and enjoying one's self.
I was totally FLOWING to that last track!

Did you see that guy/girl flowing with the music?

Man, just flowing is so much fun.
by FL0W February 16, 2011

"Man, that soup was flowing!"
by Teezzzaa August 09, 2008
When a female gets her period.
Not tonight honey, I'm flowing.

Cousin "Flow" came to visit.

The red avenger.
by Pj Clarence April 19, 2006
to be on a hotstreak.
i was flowing today in caps
by HyD? November 08, 2010
Flowing is a word used to describe someone who is on acid.
Sam: holy shit...
Zach: Wat up
Sam: I was flowing nasty last night. You should have seen it, bro!
Zach: I did LMAO
by CJ414yuuuup July 05, 2010
Flowing -To be on a tear in COD
dude i was flowing in cod i went 24 and 2 i was dominating
by HYD November 08, 2010
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