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rap is the greatest form of music ever. evryone stop trying to look smart by saying shit like rap promotes violence, this just proves your ignorance. for that look up gangsta rap. i understand the argument that it is not music, but entertainment, as theres no melody, just a beat. there is NO better music to dance to, and none harder to write. it takes incredible skill to write a rap song, if you dont think so just listen to some wu tang, tupac(yes he did have some violent lyrics, not saying he didnt, for non violent lyrics of his try black cotton, ghetto gospel,baby dont cry), biggie smalls, chammillionaire, etc.

some rappers NOT to listen to as they give the genre a bad name
50 cent

there are other bad rappers, but these are the few i feel have absolutely zero musical talent
im tired of you people listening to some of these "artists" and saying that the whole genre is bad
g-unit is an example of terrible rap music. go listen to some chammillionaire and dont put off the whole genre based on 50 cents weak flow and shit lyrics
#hip hop #rapper #rap music #music #wiggers
by bringdaruckus16 April 16, 2006
flow is a rapper's ability to rap constantly and without taking pauses. some examples of no flow-chingy and 50 cent

slow and fast flow are actually equally hard to create. for fast, look at outkast, chamillionaire. for fast, maybe biggie and pac.
50 cent got no flow because he sucks
#rap #rap music #beat #rapper #freestyle
by bringdaruckus16 April 16, 2006
The Game is the greatest rapper alive. Heres my reasoning...
Tupac is dead
Biggie is dead
Snoop Dogg sold out
Dr. Dre all but retired
Jay-z actually did retire
Eminem sucks now

The game is easily the greatest rapper EVER off the west coast he even beats the immortal dr dre to my mind

if you dont believe me listen to We Ain't
The Game is the greatest rapper alive and the best ever off the west coast. His songs are real and he shows another side of the gangsta lifestyle that none of those fake ass gangsters do-he shows a sensitive side of himself...but not in a pussy way
#best rapper alive #west coast #g- unit #g-unot #compton
by bringdaruckus16 May 01, 2006
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