Flow used as a verb describes the action of making love in a gentle way, trying to please a girl as good as possible and putting ones own needs in second place. Originally consisting of the two words 'to fuck slowly', but as sounding too thugish it was combined to 'to flow'. Pretty popular 'round Staten Island.
First man: - Dude, I totally flowed Shaniqua's booty last night.
Second man: - Gimme a fucking break! Ya can't act like a pussy while pleasing one, ya shlong. Ya ain't keepin' it real, bro!
by erhard.krebs October 15, 2007
hockey hair basically
check out the flow on that kid dangling.
by Patrick January 23, 2007
to have wavey or flippy hair that comes out of your helmet in lacrosse.
brendan fitzgerald, jay walsh, and jb marston all have flow man
by winstonworth8 June 04, 2009
n. A Guelph, Ont, term for money
Man I'm low on flow
I'm on the grind man, gotta make that flow
by Stuweey July 18, 2008
wat men/women call there girls/guys
Men A : What you doing when you goin home
Men B : Ima holla at some of my flows when I go home
by Parkchester all day March 20, 2008
1) When an off-road cyclist is able to negotiate a regular route without thinking about it, he is able to "flow".

2) The way a racing track for off-road mountain bikers is planned and prepared; it must have good "flow".
"I'm getting the flow of the route now."

"The trail rolls and winds through
beautiful open fields and wooded areas and generally has a nice flow."
by Nupe January 06, 2004
to freestyle (or usually to attempt to do so) with varying degrees of success (usually shitty) to a beat (by chromped up niggas who think they shit)
you say eminem can flow, i say hes a hoe.
by Maximus July 31, 2003

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