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Dutch dialect spoken in the Northern part of Belgium.

In Dutch and Flemish: Vlaams (= flemish).
In Dutch and Flemish: Nederlands (= Dutch).

The grammar and spelling of both languages is the same, the only difference is in the pronounciation.

Dutch/Flemish: "Ik spreek Vlaams."
English: "I speak Flemish."
by Jafje May 06, 2007
A Dutch dialect spoken in parts of Belgium. Native speakers are often plagued by questions such as "What's Flemish?", "I like your accent, is it German?", and "Phlegm? Ewwww."

Relating to those poor sods who speak Flemish.
"I speak English, but Flemish was my first language."
"Never mind. I speak English. Only English."

"I'm Flemish"
"I'm sorry."
by praat ye? December 16, 2005
The flemish culture is one of the Three Best Cultures, which are the (not uptight part of the) British culture, the Scottish culture and this kickass one.
One thing I like about Flanders and the Flemish culture is that you can drive 30 miles/15 kilometers and you'd run into a different dialect.
by LA-Z-BOY June 17, 2006
A) The Dutch dialect spoken in parts of Belgium.

B) A product or person from Belgium.
Person One: "Do you speak Flemish?"
Person Two; "No but I do speak Dutch."
Person One: "Close enough!"

B) "Want to go get some Flemish fries at Manneken Pis?"
by Chickee August 26, 2005
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