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A great little country nestled between Belgium and Germany. People speak Dutch there and go everywhere on a bicycle. They're famous for their tulips and windmills, but they have great cities too. Go there and check out the awesome art, fachion , and architecture.
"I'm going to the Netherlands this summer to get down with my Dutch homies."
by Chickee April 22, 2005
The hottest redhead alive. He plays unbelievably cute Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter movies. And he looks even better in person!
"Omigod! There's Rupert! Tackle him!"
by Chickee April 21, 2005
A torturous P.E. activity which involves running around with other morons to bad music.
Damn! We're doing the Pacer AGAIN?!
by Chickee June 25, 2005
A) A Germanic language spoken by inhabitants of the Netherlands and parts of Belgium (known there as Flemish). Derived from Germany's language Deutsch (German). Contrary to popular belief, Dutch is not a form of German, it is simply a Germanic language, in the same respects as French and Italian are both Romance languages.

B) A product or person from the Netherlands. Known in the country as 'Nederlander'.

C) A term used for Marijuana because it is commonly known that pot and other drugs are legal in the Netherlands.
A) "I will be taking a Dutch class this semester so when I visit the Netherlands, I'll be able to converse with the locals."

B) "Buy some Dutch chocolate. It's excellent!"


"I am one-half Dutch."

C) "Want to smoke some Dutch?"
by Chickee August 26, 2005
A cool color until it sold out and everyone became obsessed with it.
Purple will be the new green.
by Chickee June 25, 2005
Short for Eskimo. Eskie is a crazy cool chic who loves Nutella and Nordstrom. She dances to the beat of her own iPod and will be famous for it one day.
"Hey, there's Eskie! She's so rad!"
by Chickee April 22, 2005
A) The Dutch dialect spoken in parts of Belgium.

B) A product or person from Belgium.
Person One: "Do you speak Flemish?"
Person Two; "No but I do speak Dutch."
Person One: "Close enough!"

B) "Want to go get some Flemish fries at Manneken Pis?"
by Chickee August 26, 2005

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