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A surreptitiously seductive free spirit that roams the earth in search of true love
That woman is so cool, she is so Andria!
by Androgenous Maximus September 17, 2008
An Americanized Asian who loves to shop at Hollister. May be sarcastic and snobbish at times but is a sweetheart and has good morals and is most definitely not easy.
Guy 1- "Damn Andria is looking fine today."

Guy 2- "Yeah but she's never gonna give it to you, idiot."
by Mickey12 August 29, 2008
a beautiful, italian girl who is easy to love and is amazing and incredible in every way. known for having a great body, perfect smile and are the best girlfriends. meet an andria and do everything you can to get on her good side and see what happens from there.
Andria is the sweetest girl in the entire class

Man, i wish i was friends with Andria she's so cool and pretty

My girlfriend Andria is so amazing and i love her
by tring10 August 21, 2011
ann-DREE-uhh (n)

1. Sexy Beast
2. Another word for a 1920s hooker, or flapper
3. Is sometimes referred to as Albi the Racist Dragon
4. Basically the most radtastic kid on the block
5. Possibly the best thing since pre-grated cheese
6. Kristen's buddie. foeva. fersure.
7. The act of being a ninja
8. A shapeshifter
9. Another term for an awkward silent moment
10. Used for the time 12:32
11. The place under your bed
12. An excuse for being late because the Kleenex box exploded all over the bologna sandwich and the knife broke, then your teddy bear ate your homework, because you're white.
1. Boy: Dengg... She's such an Andria.
2. Girl: My grandmother was an Andria...
3. Geek: Did you see my new game, Dungeons and Andria's? *snort, snort*
4. Boy: The kid down my street is soo Andria.
5. Mom: Pre-grated cheese is the best.
Girl: Not anymore, now cupcakes are the Andria.
6. Kristen: Andria is so Andria.
7. Jackie Chan: Did you see that kid who went all Andria on your a...butt.
8. Chuck Norris: At night, I check my closet for Michael Phelps and Andrias, they're the worst.
9. Girl: I like you.
Boy: uhm... this is Andria.
10. Michael Phelps: Let's eat lunch... say... Andria o'clock?
11. Little Boy: I check Andria every night for monsters.
12. Student: I'm sorry Mrs. Covington, I had an Andria.
by Kristenn~ September 12, 2008
Defined as the leader of a tribal group called ARS. This group is made up of Andria, Riya and Sherina, with Andria being the leader. They are known to speak in their own made up language and have a tribal dance that is performed every morning.

They have also (quite strangely) been known to watch porn regularly.
That person looks like Andria.
by Nmitch1 November 15, 2013
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