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To recieve oral from someone while sat at a desk.
Coined as a reference to the movie Swordfish, where a hacker is given a blowjob while attempting to hack into a government computer, sat at a computer desk.
"I got my girlfriend to give me a Swordfish."
"Woah, you are my god!"
"That's right."
by Chris Done July 05, 2006
A type of fish only consumed by wealthy physicians as coined in 2012 by consensus at Georgetown School of Medicine
"When i was growing up i was always like, why do a lot of doctors live extravagantly, like drive mercedes and buy big ass houses...i thought medicine was a field of i find myself dreaming about swordfish dinners as i eat chinese food at my desk, where my chair is now indented perfectly to fit my ass" said Imraan while studying for his quarterly medical school exams.
by GtownMed2015 December 08, 2012
Whenever a boy gets a boner in a pool or beach area, it is referred to as a swordfish.
*Girl in bikini walks by

Man I feel a swordfish coming on!
by lochic January 29, 2011
Swordfish: Is a term used in high stakes gambling it means a million dollars$.
A saudi prince or some other rich fucker says put me down for a swordfish.
by dirty asshole March 13, 2009
The term for a friend who single handedly ruins a group photo by staring in a direction not even closely related to the camera, as if he is a swordfish being distracted by a large shinny object.
Joe: Dude you werent even looking anywhere near the fucking camera! What were you looking at?
Ray: I don't know man, Im like a swordfish I get distracted easy.
by Trashvillepussyhunter December 25, 2010
when some one jabs you in the stomach.

also known as a "tazer" to the stomach
1.jane: *jabs nick in the stomach* "sword fish!"
nick: "god dammit jane that hurt"

2. "that bitch just swordfished me"
by swordfisher January 12, 2012
Profession. Expert computer hacker that is not only known by their friends, but also by major corporations as a "just in case". Has no loyalty to a person or corporation, but always has a price,i.e. works mostly freelance
Ivalina Rafael managed to hack into the IRS database and change my tax details. I now owe them nothing! That girls a swordfish!
by Big Daddy K April 11, 2006
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