Uncommon usage, technical jargon, verb, meaning 'to erase'.

Comes from 'eeproms' (Electrically Eraseable Programmable Read Only Memory) units in days of yore which were 'flashed' so they could be written on again. Typically, a computer geek would understand this usage.
PC Onwer: "So, should I through my broken computer in the trash?"

Technician: "Make sure you flash the drive first, for security reasons."

PC Onwer: "WTF?"

Tech: "Uhh...erase all the information."
by T.R.I. July 24, 2006
An Oklahoman who plays guitar so fast, that it can only be likened to a Verdi opera: 3 hours of music, some of beautiful and ennobling themes, at times piquant and subtle, other times dramatic and inspiring. Take those three hours of music, those thousands of musical notes, and compress them into 4 measures of incomprehensible speed, delivered with earth-shaking finesse and a raucous disregard for any physiological limit to human auditory perception. A person that plays guitar so fast that your face will melt.
The last girlfriend I had was dearer to me than anything that doesn't have steel strings and pickups. It's with a heavy heart that I must confess that she met a tragic demise. I sat her down to perform for her, as she had never heard me play. Being the flash that I am, within mere seconds of the furious and almost satanically fast deluge of musical notes, she burst into flames and was reduced to a smoldering pile of ash.
by The Fieg February 05, 2010
British slang for fancy or expensive-looking.
"That's a flash fawney ya got mate. It'd be a shame if I ha' tae break yer finger af tae get it."
by MAC-Gyver May 27, 2003
1. To call someone and cut the call before the person picks up, signaling the person to call you or to say HI.

2. A coded way to deliver an already discussed message
1. I flashed him yesterday and he called back

2. I flashed her when I left the bar as discussed.
by Nug-up April 20, 2009
1. to erupt in physical violence against another which is out of control and fierce.
2. to suddenly become outrageously profound and irate in an arguement which causes the other person to react in either submission or escalation.
3. an old game where a kid gets to slap the back of a hand of another kid who has accidentally just said a word that they didn't mean to say.
We were all just chill'n and then all of a sudden these girls got to flash'n at the bar.

2.Jimmy- "Hey Timmy, did you see that cock? (laughs)...I mean cop!"
Timmy- "Alright there Jimmy, let me get my flash" *slap*
by sancho82 January 04, 2009
A slang word that does not have a specific meaning, but always makes sense when used.
"Hey I'll flash you up later"
"That sports center highlight was so flash"
by flash anonymous December 22, 2013
1. Fireworks
2. Pyrotechnics of any kind
I still have a shopping bag with two pounds of flash from last 4OJ
by Plasma Snake July 04, 2009
One of the hottest superheroes as well.
But this flash is a girl.
She throws some crazy ass lightning bolts.
She wears glasses with a crazy Jewish nose
as her disguise. Her partner is Fairy.
Together they are gonna turn Mal in a disgusting, hideous creature.

Flash IS badass.
I wouldn't want to mess with FLASH!
by Flashhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. October 16, 2008

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