The largest source for web site based computer viruses. Flash is also one of the most hated things by surfers. Surfers always want HTML first and formost without all the intro show of flash. Most computer security minded people uninstall Macromedia and/or Flash plugins to keep their browser running better and virus free.
Don't belive it?? Create two versions of your website. On your Flash into, but a skip button that takes them to the HTML version. After a couple of months, check which page counter is higher.
Macromedia's Shockwave & Flash is #3 of most hated things surfers hate to see.
#1. Pop-Ups / Pop Unders
#2. Music that plays over and over and etc.
#3 Shockwave or Flash graphics. Content is always beter.
by Doug Hightower September 24, 2005
“Flash” is another term that originated from rock climbing. The term “flash” is used to describe a flawless climb. A climber can say that they flashed a climb if they went from bottom to top without hesitating or taking any falls.
I just flashed that 5.11 climb, did you see that? I’m the man!
by Csal May 05, 2011
Nerds think it's a computer program, jocks think it's when a girl shows you their boobies. In reality, it is an awesome super hero from THE JUSTICE LEAGUE! YAAAAY!
1. Ooh, is that the new Abobe Flash Player? *stiffy*

2. Yo, bitch, flash me some titties up in hurr! *stiffy*

3. Oh, Flash, fuck my man-gina harder, faster, oh yeah. *stiffy*
by Because I Feel Like It March 03, 2008
To correct someone, when they are wrong or mistaken.
Person 1: Did you hear Nelly's song "Hey must be the money?"

Person 2: Flash, that song is called "Ride Wit Me."
by Jameelah December 02, 2007
yell this when someone says something dumb, and you get to slap their forearm unless they say "could've been" first.
say a bunch of dudes walk up into in-n-out burger
griffin: yo how much is a mcchicken
everybody else: flash!!!!!
by macmuthafuckindre July 08, 2009
Once you have sex with a girl, you ditch her that way you dont have to commit or anything (for use by pimps only)
Pimp-"Hey man, I got with that girl I was dancing with last night. She was all over me and said she wanted me for herslef so we wwnt upstairs and did it until the morning and then i just ditched so I wouldn't have to commit."

Pimp wingman-"So you pulled a Flash on her?"

Pimp-"You know it."
by Bearman December 05, 2007
A vehicle painted "Safety Yellow" with minimal effort by rednecks to make a Ford Explorer fit in with the crowd.
"That Exploder looks Flash to me"
by Unknown March 27, 2003

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