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The most difficult part. Used in many extreme sports to define the area of most dificulty.
Once you get passed the crux, you should be able to flash the rest.
by Rock Crudson June 02, 2004
125 33
p33ning people in the face with burst fire famas
I just Cruxed him in the face from across the map
by enphstar November 20, 2004
130 55
Anything hard to do, or accomplish.
Life can be such a crux...
by Mayor maynot July 21, 2009
19 5
to poop is to crux, especially an emergency poop from drinking too much coffee or mofe. the poop itself can also be referred to as crux.
ah man, i drank too much mofe, i gotta crux!


dude, i can't use this bathroom there's crux all over the seat.
by oinchunk December 22, 2009
6 26
To accomplish something only a newbie would be proud of, then try to get a term named after yourself in a Wikipedia or other online dictionary.
"Yes! I killed three goombas in one jump! Did you see that?! I'm going to go write an article about how awesome I am!"

"Dude... stop cruxing and just play the game!"
by akamaru January 26, 2006
4 71
in the game of counter-strike a term coined to define hackers, usually they have very good aim and use simply wallhacks or esp in order to make themselves appear much better than they really are.
GODAMNT! That fucking nigger cruxed me, fucking ban his ass!
by February 16, 2005
8 129