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a term used by the computer illiterate to describe a flash drive.
Computer illiterate person: "Let me get my jump drive so we can navigate the world wide web."
Normal person: "STFU. It's called a flash drive."
by sixtyninesofine July 16, 2010
a memory card that's about three inches long that has as much memory as most computers. you can "jump" them from computer to computer without having to load a cd program first.very useful for saving and transmitting files from computer to computer.
Person 1:Man, I lost my jump drive for my computer science class and it had all my notes on it for the test!!
Person 2:Haha damn man I had mine so I passed.
by J Ransburg February 06, 2006
A storage device about the size of the ring finger.
used to store digital information.
I used my jumpdrive to transfore the text file from my computer to yours.
by neon_fro February 04, 2005
A hypothetical propulsion technology that allows a vehicle to teleport instantaneously via an artificially-created wormhole.
I bought a jump drive for my car so I could get to work in five minutes.
by MatthiasFW August 01, 2008
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