A Nickname for an extremely sexy ho, the kind of person everyone loves/wants to get with/be. You can never bring her down cuz she is the queen of partying and laughter and dancing like no ones looking. Can't be tied down by one boy/girl so everyone shares her =]
Dude, Fishy's here! the party is officially started!
by FishyBabyy August 30, 2008
a female who smells of fish
damn jason that girl there smells like fishy trout
by andy mo May 16, 2006
Fishy is a fake credit card number found by a hacker.
He paid for the car with a fishy
by Martin July 18, 2004
a hot sexy beast!
"man look at that fishy walkin down the street!"
by whitney & leshlie April 18, 2004
To be exceptionally tired or hung over.
Im feeling well fishy after last night.
by WALSHMEISTER February 01, 2005

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