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Amazing, Extremely sexy, Attractive, tendency to geek out to music and random things, cute, funny, amazing in bed, awesome kisser, nice ass , AMAZING PERSONALITY!!!
adrienne: I love you
tom:so what are you doing
adrienne:watching the little mermaid "under the sea under the sea"
by amazing16 April 02, 2009
An attractive, honest, loyal and trustworthy person, smart and fun to be around and very funny, likable, popular
That girl is so much an Adrienne, I have to get to know her
by rbdrjbrb February 05, 2010
One smokin ass bitch .
Good in beddd deffinatley.
Crazy as shit.
Knows how to have lots of fun.
man: Do you see that sexy figure over there its deffinatley an adrienne.
Man2: its funny too.Your right deff an adrienne.
by TiddleMyBits26 October 25, 2009
Beautiful, smart, fun, random, the type girl that you can't help but smile around, the girl you always look at first when she's in a crowd. This is a girl with extreme beauty and an amazing personality. The one you look to when lonely, bored, or sad. She is always fun and trustworthy. The type of girl any man could fall for. The one special type of person around you.
"When I'm around Adrienne my heart beats faster and when she acts cute my heart skips a few beats at a time."

"When Adrienne smiles it warms my heart knowing I made the most amazing girl ever happy"
by UnforgottenLove December 15, 2011
a person who is often considered crazy,they are usually walking around with a confused smile on their face
"Look at that wondering kid, that certainly is an adrienne."
by shingala May 02, 2008
Awesome, Desirable, Remarkable, Incredible, Entertaining, Nice, Naughty, Extraordinary
Adrienne's the bomb yo!
by Iamawesome7 August 19, 2011
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