People always says "there are plenty of fish in the sea". Fishing is a long, complicated and sometimes draining process however when you finally find your fish it's all worth it. When you find your fishy you will feel it in your heart. This is the person who you want to wake up next to every morning. This is the person in which when you cuddle, your bodies fit together like puzzle pieces. This is the person who makes you laugh until you cry and makes you smile until your cheeks feel like they are going to fall off. This is the person who you physically, and emotionally cannot live without. This person is your other half, your everything. This is the person who you love so much that it hurts. I love my fishy.
"I love Ari so much, he is my fishy"
by DaniK April 17, 2013
A girl that has a smelly cunt/vagina/pussy/snatch; unclean southern area; an aids infested whore; an oozing stench of the clitoris.
It smells fishy every time Adrienne opens her legs.
by CockMaster97 December 18, 2010
A slang term for a man's sperm, cum, or jiz.
Man, I want to drink this Mountain Dew, but the yellow 5 in it kills my fishies!
The act of taking your hand, and vigorously, but unexpectedly, jabbing your fingers (flat-handed) into the victims anal premesis, then violently wiggling your hand back and fourth, creating an intense offensful disturbance to the person. When done correctly, the person will either:

A) Tweak
B) Absolutely freak out
C) Jump up and look as though having an intense seizure
D) All of the above

In 100% of all cases so far, of correct style, D was the appropriate response.



by Simulation February 22, 2008
An addicting flash game created by Xgen Studios in which you move with the arrow keys to devour fish that are smaller than yours in order to grow bigger, and to avoid the fish that are larger than yours.
Me: Oh I see you're playing Fishy again, huh?

Tod: Yeah, it's co--


Tod: SHIT! I look away from the screen for one second and look what happens! Thanks a lot, asshole!
by Balfdor June 11, 2007
Associated with cool. The fishies, a human-fish hybrid lies in wait, anticipating the right time to make his move to enslave humanity.
Soon fishies will finish his greatest tool for world domination, the brain tickler....
by fishies January 31, 2004
A poker player who chases you down to the river at any point.
The flop was A,K,3. He chases my AK down with 56, and this fishy calls me down to the river and hits runner runner 4 7 to make the straight.
by DoobieWan April 19, 2006

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