A word pertaining to a teenage male's penis.
Look at his fishy!!
by apeach July 14, 2010
Something odd or very suspicious or dumb
A word created by Alex Doan. He attends Mission San Jose High.
1)That's hella fishy.
2)Oh my god, that math test was very fishy.
3)You're very fishy, did you know that?
by Alex Doan February 26, 2003
sneakiness beyond all comprehension
a mental state of sneakiness
fishy snook past the defense
by s. hawking February 05, 2003
A word used by some monsters to frighten and confuse guests at Halloween Haunt.
"hey Sarah"
"yes James?"
"You want to go watch the hanging over in..."
by Meatwhistle July 18, 2006
One who can make others laugh to point of a little pee coming out. A good friend.
Hahaha, you crack me up, you are such a fishy!
by Wonder March 11, 2005
Meaning that someone (mainly girls) who need to take a shower.
"DAMN, she's smelling fishy today."
"you LIKE her?? .. but she's soo fishy!"
by hannah13 October 02, 2007
Something Related to naughty.
something fishy is going on here
by ArunKumar December 20, 2005

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