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A homosexual guy who receives a bottle of Snapple (or any fruitdrink) up his anus by his father.
This dude is a real Festis.
by Generalel October 10, 2013
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Shortened word for festival (large or small).
This Spring and Summer lets hit all the Festi's, and we'll end Festi season with Burning Man.
by Kid Klone September 15, 2009
To have a mini festival or celebration with your favorite herbal substance or any special item.
YO it's my birthday let's have a festi
by Kgreenthumb January 11, 2009
gross and/or disgusting
(1) Jon: Yuck this pizza looks festi.

(2) Kristy: Sydney is festi as.

(3) Luke: HAHAHA. How festi is she? *points*
by Rainhailsnow January 17, 2012

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