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5 definitions by Skyring

Breasts. Australian slang. Derived from the prominent udders on the cow used to advertise Norco, New South Wales' North Coast Dairy Co-Operative.
Crikey! Check out the norks on that shiela!
by Skyring August 06, 2004
370 65
Adjective. Bad, disgusting, undesirable, revolting. Backconstruction from verb "fester".
"Awww, Mum! That broccoli is really festy."
by Skyring August 17, 2004
82 29
Noun. Portmanteau construction of "GMail Invite". An invitation to join Google's mail service given to existing users to invite new users.
"The Gvite I offered a little while ago has been taken."
by Skyring August 14, 2004
13 3
Noun. Skydiving term referring to those who play practical jokes on their friends, intended to raise the excitement level of the sport.
OK. Who was the skyscum who reset my CYPRES to 30000 feet?
by Skyring August 14, 2004
10 2
Noun. Pseudo-nautical contraction of "list swain" (cf bosun for boat swain), being a member of a mailing list discussion group devoted to matters nautical.
"There will be a lissun gathering in Seattle to celebrate the long-awaited release of Patrick O'Brian's seafaring epic 'The Jet Black Shore'"
by Skyring August 15, 2004
3 0