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A music festival generally lasting several days.
Are you going to that festie in nor cal this summer?
by wonder_wingnut April 02, 2011
Those who frenquent renfaires as customers, often with seasons passes, but who are not part of the performing cast or otherwise work for the renfaire (ie. rennies). Usually some sort of badges are worn by workers and performers of a renfair as proof that they are employees. Because they add to the general atmosphere of a renfaire, most renfaires encourage festies to wear garb, thus creating the need for the badges to tell worker from patron.
They're not rennies, they're festies.
by DeadManPete October 14, 2006
Someone who goes to a lot of music festivals.

It does have the connotation of someone who gets wasted and parties while attending these festivals, but the overall meaning is based on simply frequenting festivals.
"So you said Steve might be coming to forest this year?"

"Yeah, but I don't think it's gonna happen, he's not much of a festie."
by briaguya September 12, 2014
Disgusting, Moldy, Filthy, Horrible ... Think about the adjective to Festering ... That would be festie and or fest. It is imperitive that this word end in an "ie" and not a "y" to embody the full effect of FESTIENESS ...
Clean the FESTIE dishes ... Your shoes smell like FEST ... That FESTIE guy is hitting on her ... Festering in ones own FEST ...
by Linnie and Brad I.D.M. August 05, 2003
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