Typical mexican name of a spicy mexican guy. His ability to steal girls hearts is unbelievable and irritating. He is easy to spit with his dark, spiky hair and dark eyes. Typical traits of a Fernando is being a douche, player, and popular lady's man. He can get any girl he wants without even trying. Though when facing the rare rejection, he turns to spreading shit. Don't be the one to reject the Fernando
Girl 1: I went to a party and lost my virginity with this guy I just met... He was so wonderful and I love him and I want him and OMG I forgot to ask his name!

Girl 2: no need to bother asking, that was a fernando
by Nothingbutthetruth December 10, 2012
A fernando is the sweetest, most selfless person youll ever meet. His eyes will be the most soothing things to look into-sometimes hazel but turn brown in the summer- makes the mose adorable faces and has the best sense of humor
Hes there for good and will do anything for you. He is very resourceful and full of common sense. He is self sufficiant and very helpful and easy to get along with.

Did i mention he has a very pleasing cock ? He knows exactly what you want in bed and can sure as hell please you. Fernandos are overall the sweetest creatures out there.
-Hes so sweet i just dont get it, nobody has ever treated me this way !!

-Well, hes a fernando isnt he?
by Yourlionofcourse:33 June 15, 2013
1. Someone who is clearly Mexican and will sarenade you with his sweet guitar playing and smooth vocals.

2. The Mexican version of Sweet Lou from the movie "Grind".

3. Someone who jukes in Chicago ALL NIGHT LONG!
1. "Oh man! After Fernando played that one song I swear I was in love with him for 5 minutes..."

2. "Just one look at Fernando and we all knew he was Sweet Lou..."

3. "Hey Fernando!"


"What did you do Friday night?"

"Hellz I was jukin' it up in Chicago all night long!"
by MiniPlaces February 21, 2010
Typical mexican name for a guy, and a spicy one too. A Fernando is a dare devil risqué guy who will fuck anyone anywhere at any time. He is known for stealing hearts and breaking them. He is a chick magnet and he knows it. Typical traits of a Fernando: spiky dark hair, piercing dark eyes, dark skin and a deep and seductive low voice.
Typical personality of a Fernando: douchey, player, cheater, lady's man, hot stuff, the desirable one.
Girl 1: *takes a deep breath* OMG I went to a club last night and met this guy he was so dark and lean and mean and I lost my virginity to him and made out with him and he asked me out and I want him and I need him even though he's with another girl now- wait! I forgot to ask his name!

Girl 2: no worries, I guarantee that was a Fernando.
by Thetruthbetold December 10, 2012
Usually a hot senior with a big dick very athletic, mexican and has a hot girlfriend with a fat ass major dime and they both get very kinky he is perfect and eats pussy so good and can rellyy hit it
"Did you see her new bf"
"Yeah fernando is sexy lucky her"
by yoloswaggggggggygurl November 04, 2013
A Fernando is a high social guy who is very, very sexy. A Fernando is usually known for his nice looking, dark hair and his amazing personality. He is very cool and popular at school and is known as "the Mexican" which means he is the coolest Mexican at school. A Fernando also steals your girl without her realizing it. Due to his sexiness he can get any girl because of his charms... he is a magnet!
girl 1: OMG!!!I met this hot guy and I want him more than my boyfriend

girl 2: it was definitely a fernando
by thecoolguy28 February 23, 2013
A wonderful boy who if your able to meet will brighten up ur life. He's cute,funny and a supportive friend.
That's Fernando for you
by Replay June 28, 2014

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