A God fearing man that is from BP.
Fernando is a christian and goes to church, and loves God.
by Moba February 02, 2010
That one spanish kid in your class that's really smart, but somehow, pretty funny.
Friend 1: Wow, Fernando made a really funny joke in 5th period today!
Friend 2: And he's super hot.
by FancyL February 02, 2015
A person who doesn't really fall in love and who ever is the girl that makes him fall she must be the most amazing girl ever. One that he'll never want to let go of
I think I'm fernandoing
by MentadoToez September 10, 2015
Inability to remember what happened the night before, from the moment you entered the bar until you woke up the next day. Usually caused by consuming too much alcohol, especially cassalla
-How was last night?

- I can´t remember anything, I had a fernando night
by elcortejodelflamenco December 30, 2010
A huge asshole. Usually of Hispanic origin, he's known by girls for being a man-whore and a player, but has a rather feminine side, likes to dress extravagantly fly no matter the occasion and also extremely social and friendly to everyone. A number of guys hate on him lots of girls love him. He likes playing with girls emotions, and making them cry
You're such a Fernando
by HUISLIFE April 05, 2015
almost like a dirty sanchez but instead a person farts into a sock or cloth and asks another person if this rag smells like salsa..the result is devistating!
sock fart fernando aka the rag of doom
by primehive August 17, 2011
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