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Typical mexican name for a guy, and a spicy one too. A Fernando is a dare devil risqué guy who will fuck anyone anywhere at any time. He is known for stealing hearts and breaking them. He is a chick magnet and he knows it. Typical traits of a Fernando: spiky dark hair, piercing dark eyes, dark skin and a deep and seductive low voice.
Typical personality of a Fernando: douchey, player, cheater, lady's man, hot stuff, the desirable one.
Girl 1: *takes a deep breath* OMG I went to a club last night and met this guy he was so dark and lean and mean and I lost my virginity to him and made out with him and he asked me out and I want him and I need him even though he's with another girl now- wait! I forgot to ask his name!

Girl 2: no worries, I guarantee that was a Fernando.
by Thetruthbetold December 10, 2012
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