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Someone of high social class. Usually categorized by an over-sized growth in their pants. Also known for their ability to seduce and charm the ladies with their devilishly good looking hair and smile.

Fernandos can also be categorized by tan skin, dark flowing hair, thick eye brows, and a knack for mowing grass.
Caucasian Male #1: I woke up today and my lawn had been mowed miraculously over night and my wife left a note saying she left me.

Caucasian Male #2: You must have been visited by a fernando.
by mikiejones June 28, 2009
Fernando is a super cool person and job wishes he could be like him but he cant so he dies just a little bit more inside. Fernando is super cool and can get with any girl he wants any time he wants he can do whatever he wants whenever he wants because he is so perfect.
Fernando fucked every girl in school
by kajdkljaskldjf April 17, 2008
One bad mother fuck3r. First name greatest last name ever.
Boy 1 - that guys crazy!

Boy 2 - naw man! He's Fernando!
by Webstar824 February 04, 2010
v. to puke; to throw up.
A Fernando can be often caused by exercising after eating.
Boy 1: Dude, you shouldn't run after having that big lunch.
Boy 2: Don't worry about me.

*After one lap in the track*

Boy 2: Oh man, I don't feel well. *throws up*
Boy 1: Eww! You just did a Fernando. Now stop puking on the track ramp!
by BrasilStyle February 09, 2009
Someone who is completely and utterly astounding who while extremely modest about it packs an enormous cock that will make you gasp and choke but you love it, and his body is fucking amazing, he silently puts up with your shit, but if you wrong him or anyone he truly cares for watch your back and front because he will completely destroy you.
Did you hear what Fernando did to that man?" "No" "He broke both his legs and gave him brain damage..." "Why?!" "He threatened his girlfriend Jenna" "Oooh that explains it..
by RightGuy July 14, 2011
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