Top Definition
Combination of fantastic and magical.
It will be ifantasmical/i to see Lori naked!
by Mikel November 18, 2004
something that is totally and utterly fantastic.
Friends who smile or make you smile are fantasmical.
by Zoley November 26, 2008
A feeling of fantastic magic similar to unicorns and rainbows.
I feel so fantasmical there is an explosion of happy rainbow unicorns inside of me.
by Jrazerey August 31, 2008
Fantastically magical.
You just got pwnt by my fantasmical l33tness.
by Lakoo April 01, 2004
Something or someone who is both fantastic and comical at the same time.
Our teacher/pet/tortoise/other is fantasmical.
by Danski and Jonny November 04, 2005
Fastastic and Magical
Origin Mikel
It was fantasmical turning Mikel down.
by Lori November 18, 2004
Usesd to describe something that is both magical and fantastical.
This raccoon and pea soup is fantasmical!
by scarfaceclaw October 26, 2004
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