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Someone that has no clue about the costs of weed and is very easy to rip off.
"I just ripped that fuckin custy off so bad", "That kid is such a cust"
by Mikel February 08, 2004
1) Bitch - in a friendly way, or a mean way, depending on your town
2) Friend, Good Friend
3) Significant Other
1) What a fucking bizza! (mean) or, What up bizza (nice)
2) These are ma bizzas. / What up bizza?
3) She's ma bizza
by Mikel September 01, 2003
Rap group consisting of Nelly, Murphy Lee, Ali, Slo Down, and at one time City Studd but that was before Country Grammer, he is currently behind bars
You should listen to St. Lunatics albums, they are great!
by MikeL August 05, 2003
A naked exercise that involves running/jogging/frolicking in or around the Dell at Randolph-Macon Woman's College. May include, at the time of or before, consumption of intoxicating substances.
Wow, guys, Soandso and I got wasted and went on a Dell Run last night. It was cold!
by Mikel November 04, 2004
Combination of fantastic and magical.
It will be ifantasmical/i to see Lori naked!
by Mikel November 18, 2004
Okay so this is for when someone is both an ass and annoying at the same time. practically making you want to rip your ears off.
dude dont talk to ben, he's assnoying
by mikel March 14, 2005
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