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Somewhere between fantastic (as in surprisingly great) and phantasmal (seemingly visible but with no physical reality).
Dude, the Bulls will never get Gasol for Duhon...that's just another fantasmal Sam Smith trade scenario.
by jjbjjbjjb February 14, 2007
Fantasmal: A combination of Fantastic and Orgasmal
"Oh god, this chocolate body paint is simply fantasmal!"
by KingHunterOhYeah January 13, 2010
A combination of Fantastic and Dismal - A mixture of good and bad things happening in close proximity to each other.
When I won the lottery in the same day I got my car stolen it was simply fantasmal!
by Wrenzo August 18, 2010
Person who thinks hes playing an Arena server and makes only uber characters, only to be confused and humilited when no one cares.
by Sakes July 18, 2003
I have no idea, ask Lauren.
-Also, my typing is atrocious
-Fantasmal one might say
by Big T December 02, 2004
A sucker for making uber characters and retiring them for being too uber. (See; Vind Amana, Kas'an Tyzzk)
Your character sucks and sure aint fantasmal enough.
by Hellion July 13, 2003

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