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n. a sexy Scottish film and television star who has at his disposal almost every female on the face of the earth (not to mention straight men who would gladly go gay for him!) He has appeared in such films as: Becoming Jane, The Last King of Scotland, Inside I'm Dancing, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, Atonement, Penelope, Wanted, Wimbledon, Bollywood Queen, White Teeth, The Pool, Bright Young Things, and several others, including a major role in the first two seasons of the TV drama "Shameless"; all in all, an incredibly charming, charismatic sex icon
Joanna: Hey, that guy totally looked like James McAvoy!
Fontana: Ohemgee, I would totally go out with James McAvoy: he is, like, god of my panties!
Joanna:Ohmigod, I know, right?!?!
by genny_luv February 16, 2008
adj. a combination of fantastic and orgasmic; evoking the image of something so amazing you orgasm when you experience/see/hear/taste/feel it
That cheesecake we had on your last birthday was absolutely fantasmic.

You look absolutely fantasmic in that minidress.

Dude, that band last night was fantasmic. Seriously, I saw two people actually having sex during the closing number!
by genny_luv February 16, 2008

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