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Combination of fantastic and magical.
It will be ifantasmical/i to see Lori naked!
by Mikel November 18, 2004
17 8
something that is totally and utterly fantastic.
Friends who smile or make you smile are fantasmical.
by Zoley November 26, 2008
8 2
A feeling of fantastic magic similar to unicorns and rainbows.
I feel so fantasmical there is an explosion of happy rainbow unicorns inside of me.
by Jrazerey August 31, 2008
7 2
Fantastically magical.
You just got pwnt by my fantasmical l33tness.
by Lakoo April 01, 2004
2 3
Something or someone who is both fantastic and comical at the same time.
Our teacher/pet/tortoise/other is fantasmical.
by Danski and Jonny November 04, 2005
8 10
Fastastic and Magical
Origin Mikel
It was fantasmical turning Mikel down.
by Lori November 18, 2004
4 6
Usesd to describe something that is both magical and fantastical.
This raccoon and pea soup is fantasmical!
by scarfaceclaw October 26, 2004
3 5