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A gorgeous girl who doesn't know it. Can and will get any guy she wants with her charm, personality, looks, and smile. She is a funny and fun girl who you want around. If you don't know an Isabelle get to know one!!!!!!
Isabelle P.
by heartbraker5 March 29, 2009
A lovely girl who is very beautiful and pretty. She may not know it so you might want to convince her. She is a very good friend and she will make an excellent girlfriend. She is very trust worthy and you can talk to her about anything. "Belle" a nick name for her in French means beautiful. Isabelle is a very lovable girl and she makes a very amazing girlfriend. She has amazing abilities which include making her boyfriend very happy. She is also a very strange child how ever that is what makes her great and lovable. You can also be yourself around her which is another great and awesome thing about her. There is so much more to add but it is undesirable.
how could you not love an isabelle
by michael2333333 December 02, 2010
demure, beautiful, pure. tolerant but not a pushover. doer of great things.
I couldn't ask for a better daughter than Isabelle, I am so proud to be her mommy!
by fitmommy07 February 03, 2010
She doesn't believe in her potential and second guesses herself but she is fun, pretty, perverted, and funny. Shes great at giving advice but doesn't use it for herself. Shes curvy, big boobed, and full of life and sexuality and is 100% real. Shes very curious and she'll do anything once. Shes very tolerant till u cross the line then all hell breaks lose!!! If you have an Isabelle she is a keeper!! Just try not 2 piss her off cause she hates the bullshit!!
Alexus: Is this pop tart blueberry??
Isabelle: I thought it was cinnamon!!

Alexus: O fuck you got a new app on your ipod

Isabelle: You bought it??
by latin chica April 23, 2010
an awesome girl who loves her friends, she loves boys that are blonde. have I mentioned shes gorgeous, beautiful, pretty and has the best taste in friends and boyfriends.

shes funny and is very focused and loving.
Isabelle perry
by isabelle.awsemness October 24, 2013
Isabelle is the chillest person to inhabit this planet. Isabelles are known as very, funny, chill, cool, smart, beautiful, gorgeous, reliable, hard-working, and angelic, they are also a gift from God. She is always there for you when you need something. Isabelles make the best girlfriends and best friends on the Earth. If you know an Isabelle and are friends with one, congrats to you, you are blessed by God.
Phil: So, whatcha doin' Friday night

Jason: Goin' on a date with Isabelle!

Phil: You're one lucky man!
by LogicalLucas February 22, 2014
isabell---meaning beautiful;extremly beautiful;nice friend;has big boobs almoast always;likes sexual etention;slut sometimes in bed

this girl means: PERFECT
wow that girl is such a isabelle!
want to do a isabelle tonight?
by Cocunute May 04, 2008
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