Getting laid in the back of an old chevy with a chick whos face resembles 6 day old chili and getting crabs from the back seat.
Brown bag ala crabs, fail.
by failness July 18, 2008
A verb that can be used in conjunction with any action, policy or position of the Bush (43) Administration.
Most historians agree that George Bush has failed in his duties as President in all possible respects.
by GIJoe September 17, 2007
If you fail, you sucked so badly at something that your incredibly suckiness broke the Universe, made angels cry, and made God piss blood. To fail is to not succeed ... in an embarrassing, tardish manner. Fail can be used either as one word, in a sentence, or as part of a complicated rant. Words such as 'uber' or 'mega' can also be added. Fail can also be used as a prefix for another word, such as 'boat'. Do not overuse it, or you will fail.
What the hell? You fail.
You are made of fail.
Get back on the failboat, Morgan.
by Nubcakes Smith December 12, 2007

an opposite version of fail; a compliment to a person or project
that picture you drew was FAIL.
by memyselfialways January 10, 2009
Someone or something that is unsuccessful or disapproved of.
The concert tonight failed hard.

That girl is such a fail. She can't even get her act together.
by Sony July 10, 2003
fay-el (v) 1. To lose at an attempt of something. 2. To vote for the Democrat party.
"Jim failed the nation by voting for Hillary Clinton."
by snoobo August 30, 2007
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