The lack of win in any one situation.
jpmetz runs into a sliding glass door.
rchrgrl11391: Two tickets for the S.S. Failboat! We're setting sail!
by Lilting May 29, 2009
a congratulatory motion combining a knuckle-touch and a hi-5; one person holds out their hand in a motion as if they are giving a hi-5 while the other punches the palm of their hand
*Person A raises hand to give hi-5*
Person A: "Great Job!"
*Person B punches person A's palm*
Person B: "Hey, thanks man!"
*they have completed a 'fail'"
by LainoBottis May 01, 2009
See Definition; George W. Bush
The fail is strong in this one
by FlareKitsune November 22, 2009
When two people who are like twins talk and what they say make absolutely no sense. But it doesn't matter, because it's funny regardless.
Abrianna: Fail
Nate: WE are fail. The essence of fail, split between two bodies.
by efyouagainx June 28, 2009
The epic loss of something such as a bad board game, tv show, etc. Basically, fail is made out of suckish matter created by satan himself.
My god, frank, this show fails!
by Marafailedhard June 19, 2009
Fail: When a group of retarded noobs at school thing fps games are better on xbox 360 other than computer, but its just because they suck. They also want alienware computers that cost 3000+$ but sadly the only game they play on the computer is Miniclip and runescape
fAGrunscape232: Oh man dude!!!@!@!@!11!! dID yoU SeE ME CalL that GuY On RunesCape A NOOB? LOL
Normal Kid: Dude, why are you saying lol in real life? Your such a failure.

Kid: I own halo 3 dude i bet i can kick your bosom
Teh_better_kid: dude dual analog fps is for noobs, go get some skills and go install cs.
Kid: Mheheemheeeeeeee i bet i can own you in any game
Kid downloads css
Teh_better_kid: Stfu and lets get owned.
5 minutes later
Better kid--42-0 Kid 0-42

Spoiled little bitch kid: Dude im getting an alienware for christmas, jelous? (starts rubbing it in like a fagget)
Kid:I dont care, I already have custom computer, so what games are you planning on getting?
Spoiled little bitch kid: umm i play runescape and miniclip
Kid: O.O your such a fag (walks away)
by xLotus November 03, 2008
when a guy gets raped by a girl, yes u read that right.
dude i fail! my ex girlfriend raped me last night!
by Ill a noise 2 July 11, 2008

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