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If you fail, you sucked so badly at something that your incredibly suckiness broke the Universe, made angels cry, and made God piss blood. To fail is to not succeed ... in an embarrassing, tardish manner. Fail can be used either as one word, in a sentence, or as part of a complicated rant. Words such as 'uber' or 'mega' can also be added. Fail can also be used as a prefix for another word, such as 'boat'. Do not overuse it, or you will fail.
What the hell? You fail.
You are made of fail.
Get back on the failboat, Morgan.
by Nubcakes Smith December 12, 2007
12 51
noun, something or someone that is not good.
That jerk Dave is fail.
I feel so fail today.
That movie sucked. Yeah, it was fail.
by Rizzzle November 16, 2006
13 58
What the most of the guys above me did.
Also what would happen to me if you all click thumbs down on this definition.
Uhh the people above me that failed horrifically.
by rofl waffles and lolcakes March 19, 2008
89 143
shoot yourself, NOW!
you killed your parents, you fail.
by your advisor May 09, 2007
11 72
Maetuss Nipitnorasetklh (mae, olympic, phosphate)
Did you see that ball game last night? Its name was fail.
by sapface December 06, 2006
5 81