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The single most Engrish game ever, beating out Zero Wing (which has only 2 Engrish parts: The intro and the ending). It's a side-scrolling shooter game like Zero Wing, only with way better graphics, many ships to choose from (can you saw "offensiv" and "diffensiv" ships?), and can be found on Neo-Geo machines. Phrases in the game include:

- Get it more!
- Collected all panels! (before getting all of them)
- Collect all lucky panels! (after getting all of them)
- Hey poor player!
- Are you serious?
- Watch out! The big one is closing in!
- It's coming! Destroyed the space colony!
- Avoid all?
- Stage (something): The Guardian's Criff
- Stage (something): The Crooked Embryo
I couldn't get past stage 3 in Blazing Star due to the stupid Engrish.
by dj gs68 July 08, 2003
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