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The term FAIL was coined by the cupo clan from the original counter-strike and quake 3 arena gaming era. It did not come from no Blazing Star game. "You fail it" and "FAIL", have absolutely no correlation, and FAIL was not derived from Blazing Star. However, the inspiration for the usage of FAIL throughout the quake community and the Half-life 1 community stemmed from the original Super Smash Bros for the Nintendo 64 in the "Break the target" challenge mode where if you fall off the map before breaking all the targets, the screen reads "FAIL" and you pretty much feel shit out of luck. No credit was given to the cupo clan due to their involvement in "Video game griefing" since the early Quake 1 days on Mplayer.

Some evidence that might help prove this fact is that anyone who dare contest the origin of this term PROBABLY played either Quake III Arena or Counter-strike for Half-life 1.

Epic fail is just a spin-off of FAIL that was created by some WoW players.

The term ''tryhard'' also originated in the Quake III Arena and Counter-strike communities. (which makes sense)
Search the net for examples, FAIL is global now.
by Atlanticus August 19, 2012
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