The real slang fail actually comes from party foul. It is commonly used when something goes wrong or does not fit the atmosphere of the situation. "Party Foul" is basically now being replaced by "FAIL" (Search Party Foul).
if someone spills beer -- "FAIL"
if someone breaks something -- "FAIL"
if someone embarrasses themselves -- "FAIL"
if someone does anything wrong -- "FAIL"
by fay-le April 13, 2009
To begin a task with a great amount of confidence, sometimes with an excessive amount of confidence, only to not succeed in given task in a humiliating manner.

See also: Epic Fail
Youtube "fail"... you will find millions of examples.
by Brendaissocool April 03, 2009
Someone one who fails and life in general. Whether it is skating, girls, or even world of warcraft.
That person FAILS!
by Anti-fail March 26, 2009
It is beleived that this origionated in online games, as if to say: "that sucks"
also may be spelled: f4il f417 fa1l
also may be used with epic (e.g. epic fail)
"woa, this map is a total fail"
"wow, that epic fails!"
by dadefiner December 19, 2008
To FAIL the website means to render it ineffective by targeting the integrity of the data and or writing scripts to hit the website so that the server gets bogged down enough to prevent users from accessing the URL.
On Monday December 8th, Liberal websites such as FARK.COM and WONKETT.COM called for the FAILing of George Bush's “Thank You” website.
by FaildWonketteLuvr December 18, 2008
opposite of WIN.
stevie123> OK, I pressed alt f4 like you said, but my internet crashed
pwnX0r666> lol n00b pwn3d. u FAIL !!!
by George McBob September 08, 2009
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