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How the fuck.
HTF do you expect to pull that off?
by Linguica November 07, 2002
To not succeed in a venture or activity. Various permutations of the phrase can be turned into almost any part of speech.
<Cyb> my bin2hex function is failing it
<mewse> you fail it
<Linguica> failure of it indeed
by Linguica November 07, 2002
Shorthand version of jerk.
u jrk
by Linguica February 20, 2003
A modifier used to add emphasis to a thing or action.
<mindbomb> jesusgeeks is pure high traffic
by Linguica November 07, 2002
An interjection signifying a shoddy internet service provider.
Christ, I'm getting like 25% packet loss and sustained downloads of 1.2 KB/s. DSL EXTREME!
by Linguica February 22, 2003

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