Pressing Don't Publish when editing on urban dictionary.

Also known as:
Reject, Deny
1) I denied that definition.

2) I failed the definition.
by Feildmaster November 21, 2009
to attempt to make a joke and make people laugh, but it's not really funny.

it can also mean something like "just wow. you are an idiot. go die."
Tim: well your mom is so fat she ate a bucket of ice cream by herself!

Adam: sigh.. fail.
by Riley5 November 08, 2009
Miami Dolphins
The 07 Miami Dolphins went 1-14 Fail
by MaskedSeagull October 05, 2009
Fail is derived from an old video game that was originally made in Japanese and then translated (poorly) into English. When the failure (game over) screen appeared in English, it would say:

"You fail it!"

Fail means to suck, to not succeed, or to be horrible at something.
"You bought a cassette tape? You fail."

"You missed a hit at point blank range? EPIC FAIL!"
by MiketheBrawlfan September 21, 2009
The word that should belong to Tom Weston.
Person: Hi
Tom Weston: Fail.

Person: How are you?
Tom Weston: Fail.

Person: Wubu2?
Tom Weston: Epic fail.
by tinysplatty September 05, 2009
when someone does something wrong, looks wrong, says something wrong, or is just wrong in general. like jon. :P
driving by a fat lady on a motorcycle.

Observers. "FAIL"
by ninja el.16 August 19, 2009
Adj. "this movie is a fail!"

an insult, usually not meaning to be mean - "you're a fail!"

also can be used as an interjection - "Wow...did that really just happen? FAIL."
by Dogglefoxkvk July 04, 2009

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