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4 definitions by Jumbrone

What unoriginal, unimaginative motherfuckers say to other people in an attempt to help them forget what a failure their life really is.
Person A: "What an epic fail"
Person B: "Hey, fuck you man!"
by Jumbrone October 18, 2009
88 48
Is the name of not only the baddest fuckin Hip-Hop group/label around, but also the former band name of some pussy-ass, lame, metal band.
Doomtree time to let it be known, from the bottom of the bottle to the top of the throne.
by Jumbrone May 29, 2009
38 29
When a girl with a mouthful of bees gives you a BJ
Scottie received a Bee J from his lady friend, and now his penis is inflamed.
by Jumbrone October 18, 2009
13 24
Hudson is a town located on the St. Croix River, on the border of western Wisconsin. Hudson has a very strong gay community, and is a great place to raise a family if you want your children to be feeble-minded, arrogant, and attracted to the same sex. Hudson is Wisconsin's proverbial vagina.
Person #1: "I was driving through Wisconsin, and after I crossed the border to Minnesota, my butt really hurt...I think I have HIV now."

Person #2: "You must have gone through Hudson, WI."
by Jumbrone May 29, 2009
38 65