1) the act of not doing something correctly; screwing up

2) a person that fails a lot
1) wow way to fail at such a simple task

2) stef you are a fail
by badkarma090 January 18, 2009
1) Someone who shows that they are undeserving of sympathy because they go on the rag & can not withhold ones temper.
2) Benz The Admin.
Look, who is that in the Bronze? Oh, never mind its only Benz. Fail.
by God Almighty x January 16, 2009
Utter and complete lack of success

HackAbuse is so much fail, it is impossible to express how much fail he is over the internet.
He is more fail than the guy who painted everything on his 4g63 eclipse
by REIGN SS November 07, 2008
To completely blow an opportuntiy and look like a jackass doing it.
Jeez. This Star Wars New Game Experience sucks. Whatever developer pushed this forward is full of fail.
by !stugots! June 13, 2008
Fail = First Attempt In Learning.
Bob: 2+2 is 5 right?
Eric: FAIL! its 4
by Failblog January 10, 2010
1. Term, used by young people, which means not succeeding, or failing.

2. An insult.
1. You didnt make that basketball shot? That's a fail.

2. You suck. Your a fail. You fail at life. Ummmm, yah, I think that is a fail right there. FAIL!
by mynameisdefinitlynotemily December 14, 2009
Facebook chat
I was having a serious conflict with my gf on facebook chat until it told me my messages could not be delivered for like the ninth time. It is so full of FAIL, its just awful!
by Lazarus Blaine December 04, 2009

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